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"tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" {Mary Oliver}


Dr. Robyn McKay has a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas where she studied positive psychology and optimal human development. Her post-doctoral residency training is in mindfulness practices and student health at the University of Missouri. Currently, she is on the staff of Student Counseling Services at Arizona State University-Polytechnic and teaches Child & Adolescent Development for ASU's Mary Lou Fulton College of Education.

Dr. McKay is the co-founder of CLEOS at KU – the Counseling Laboratory for the Exploration of Optimal States and the founder of WISE – Women in Science and Engineering at ASU-Polytechnic. Her research and practice focus on creativity and talent development.

Dr. McKay’s Popular Workshops
What Do You Really, Really Want? Lessons in Goal Setting
What’s Right with You? A Positive Psychology of Creativity and Talent
How to get Engaged…to Your Career
Chill: The Mindfulness Experience

Dr. McKay’s Lectures
Smart Girls
For smart girls to flourish, they need more than just their intellect. Creativity, emotional intelligence, and mentors each have a unique place in a bright girl’s life. Join creativity researcher and ASU counselor Dr. Robyn McKay for a special conversation about the milestones and danger zones that smart girls encounter. Find out what parents can do to uplift, support, defend, and applaud their bright and talented daughters.

A Positive Psychology of Creativity and Talent
Learn how the field of positive psychology can help parents and students navigate the challenges of adolescence. Find out about CLEOS – a creativity laboratory dedicated to finding, gathering, guiding, understanding and healing creative people. Discover new findings about creative adolescents’ personalities, interests, and flow. Learn the importance of exploration, enrichment, and attunement in the career development process.